How does the signup process work?

Just select the plan you would like above, enter some basic information about your business and payment information and we will begin creating your account. Once you have answered the questions you will be called by an account setup specialist to review your account and create your instructions.

How does call forwarding work?

Call forwarding is a standard feature provided by your telephone provider, you simply dial the code specific for your provider, usually *72, followed by the unique phone number assigned to your account. There are a few types of call forward available such as Standard or unconditional call forward, Busy Call Forward and No Answer Call Forward.

How can I use your answering services alongside my in-house receptionist?

During the times when your in-house receptionist is on the phone, you can have Holly answer the calls you “miss” or intentionally let forward over to us after a few rings. 

  • Forward your calls to Holly anytime during business hours, when your team is busy or out of the office.

  • Having a virtual receptionist for your firm will free up your in-house receptionist’s time to perform more in-office tasks.

What are your coverage hours?

Monday - Friday 9AM - 8PM (Eastern Standard)

Will I have to sign a contract?

No, we don’t believe in contracts. We stand behind our service and want you to be happy.

How do I receive my messages?

You may receive your message free of charge by email, SMS text, of Fax.

Are your Agents outsourced?

No, all of our calls are answered by in-house agents. We own our call centers which grants us control over our calls and ensures the highest quality assurance.

What if I already have a receptionist at my firm?

Having a virtual receptionist does not necessarily mean that you don’t have an in-house receptionist as well. Often, we see many companies with in-house receptionists who utilize a virtual receptionist solution in order to handle overflow calls.

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